January 31, 2017

Now Hiring: Community Resource Connector

Position Availability:

Job Title: Community Resource Connector

Project Title: A Working Life Alliance of Minnesota; A collaboration with multiple advocacy organizations including The Arc Northland

Details: 30 hours per week serving the Duluth & St. Louis County Region

Reports to: Lead Community Resource Connector (The Arc Minnesota); Regional Advisor; Executive Director (The Arc Northland)

Position Summary: Encourages integrated competitive employment by delivering person-centered advocacy, technical assistance, and navigational connection in support of job seekers with disabilities and their family members (if appropriate) via use of self-directed and family-assisted discovery and employment development strategies. The overall goal is to develop natural workforce and community development capacities so project participants will connect to essential expertise, resources, and opportunities that will lead to integrated competitive employment outcomes on job seeker at a time.

Core Job Duties:

  1. Plan, market & coordinate 4 regional “Work is Possible” workshops
  2. Help to create a self-directed/family-assisted employment planning toolkit
  3. Organize & facilitate four (4) mini-employment learning communities (ELCs) providing ongoing technical guidance to family members and job seekers
  4. Plan, market & facilitate three (3) regional employer education events
  5. Assist in community asset mapping and connecting families and job seekers to essential expertise & resources
  6. Work with all disability advocacy alliance partners
  7. Coordinate training and technical assistance events
  8. Assist in data collection and project evaluation
  9. Assist with project presentations

Position Qualifications & Experience Desired:

  1. BA or BS is preferred but willing to consider professional and lived experiences
  2. Passionate about Employment First policies and practices
  3. Knowledgeable about disability, employment, and workforce policies
  4. Knowledgeable about community resources (e.g., transportation) and community-capacity building strategies to support families and job seekers
  5. Knowledgeable about transition from secondary education programs and/or from center-based services to integrated competitive employment
  6. Able to work collaboratively with educators, county case managers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employers/business leaders, family members, and job seekers with disabilities to achieve individual employment outcomes

Knowledge of Discovery and Customized Employment practices is considered a value-added qualification

Resumes can be forwarded to donl@arcmn.org.