Arrowhead Regional Quality Council

The Arrowhead Regional Quality Council (ARQC) is a structured group working together to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities living in St. Louis, Carlton, Lake, Cook, Koochiching, Itasca, Pine and Aitkin Counties.


To work collaboratively with regional stakeholders and partners to monitor and improve the quality of services, person-centered outcomes, and overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities.


People with disabilities will provide input that is used to promote best practices and address service gaps, resulting in informed choice, improved quality of life, and community inclusion.


A—Awareness: Our goal is to become aware of best practices and gaps in services in our region.

R—Representation: We will seek out and listen to the voices of people with disabilities.

Q—Quality: Our goal is to understand how to improve quality of life for people with disabilities.

C—Collaboration: We will work together to promote best practices and problem solve.


  • Operate the Regional Quality Council, which includes people with disabilities, from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and organizations that provide services for people with disabilities.
  • Inform people with disabilities, families, and advocates of the goals and mission of the Arrowhead Regional Quality Council
  • Prepare and train a team to gather information from stakeholders and people with disabilities about their quality of life by conducting focus groups, listening sessions, and informational interviews.
  • Provide a means for underserved communities and people to give input on barriers to accessing services
  • Analyze data gathered from Person Centered Reviews, Brief Interviews, and other existing data sources to identify both best practices and services gaps/needs.
  • Make recommendations to improve quality based on this analysis.
  • Share information and provide training on best practices, focusing on person centered planning.
  • Establish regional priorities for quality improvement based on regional strengths and needs as determined by the community. Regional priorities will be informed and directed by the needs and desires of persons with disabilities in the region.

Who comprises the Arrowhead Regional Quality Council? The Arrowhead Regional Quality Council is inclusive of individuals with disabilities, families, service providers, community members, and government agencies:

  • Self-Advocates
  • St. Louis, Carlton, Cook, and Lake County Representatives
  • Family and Community Members (currently looking to fill vacancy)
  • Service Providers
  • Local DHS Representative
  • Office of Ombudsman Representative

Do you want to get involved?

  • Share Your Story
  • Visit the MN Regional Quality Council website
  • Read our current newsletter
  • Request to join a focus group or participate in an informational interview
  • Attend a Council meeting and/or become a Council member

To get involved, contact Arrowhead RQC Program Manger, Rebecca Lambert at: Rlambert*AT*

Click HERE to see a summary of results of data collected through our Focus Groups

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