Stories and Testimonials

“Prior to moving into my own apartment, I was homeless for 3 years followed by 6 months living in a Board and Lodge facility. I enjoy cooking and not having a place to call home to make nutritious meals for myself was very hard. Arc Northland’s Housing program gave me the assistance I needed to find a place to call home…Since having my own place, I have gained a sense of hope, self-worth, independence; I have been given reason to live and finally feel safe.” – Laurie Keplinger

” The Arc Northland team has been instrumental in our learning and acquiring the skills needed to tread the path of starting and being in a relationship. We have never felt he was prepared or able to be in a romantic relationship. He is probably still not there, but he is certainly learning the skills he will need and we finally feel he will get there.”

“An Arc Northland advocate has been working with my adopted adult MMR son over the past year and a half. We adopted our son as a young adolescent; and as with many special needs individuals and coming from an abusive background, my son kind of fell through the cracks in learning about healthy sexual behavior. Kudos to Meredith and this wonderful program. Meredith has worked steadily to decrease the stigmas surrounding sexual behavior. Her sensitivity and tenacity have been the perfect blend in assisting my son learn about healthy boundaries, appropriate behavior and expression, and in accepting differences. I can’t thank you enough!” – Roberta Tigerfuentes

Arc Northland offers a variety of services to help and support individuals and families with disabilities throughout Northeastern Minnesota.

We are successful in advocating for people with disabilities and their families because of the support of local businesses and community members.
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